Thursday, June 4, 2015

German Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

German Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

The cuckoo clock was first made about the year 1738 in the Black Forest of Germany. They were made during the long, harsh winters when there was, really, nothing to do. Cuckoo Clocks were made to fill time during these winter months and then sold during the spring and summer months by roving clockpeddlers. 

Many people think of Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks as company when in reality they are made by many carvers and manufacturers in the Black Forest. The Black Forest is a region in SW Germany and the cuckoo clock was made within, mostly, a cottage industry and several larger companies that specialize in making cuckoo clocks in many varieties. Cuckoo Kingdom brings you only the best from the Black Forest of Germany available for direct shipping within the United States.

So just what is a cuckoo clock? The cuckoo clock can be a chalet, carved or other specially designed clock which has a small door at the top. During the strike of the hour the small door will open and a bird will appear and call the hour "cuckoo”. The bird will "cuckoo” once for each hour and then return to its perch inside the clock as the door closes behind. The actual sound the cuckoo clock makes is made by two bellows which actuate up and down sucking in air and blowing it out to make the whistle sound which is the call of cuckoo.
The cuckoo clock is very energy efficient as they operate by gravity as the cast iron weights, or in some instances hand-carved wooden weights, pull down on the chain drive which runs the cuckoo clock mechanism. The pendulum swings back and forth under the clock and controls the timing or beat of the cuckoo clock.
Cuckoo Clocks have evolved over the years and have become quite ornate with the carvers showing their expertise with intricate carvings and details to these fine clocks. Many will come with music and twirling dancers and animated water-wheels, wood-choppers and beer-drinkers. TheOktoberfest themed cuckoo clocks with beer-drinkers are very popular today as are many of the hunting and carved leaf and bird style cuckoo clocks.
There was also a market for a quartz cuckoo clock, which is battery powered. This type of cuckoo clock is more for the person on the go who wants a cuckoo clock around but does not want to wind the clock as is required of the traditional cuckoo clock. Quartz cuckoo clocks have taken on many of the traits of the traditional cuckoo clocks by utilizing the intricate carvings made by the Black Forest carvers, they just use a battery powered mechanism. Quartz cuckoo clocks are not considered to be "authentic” as they do not use the traditional mechanical mechanism as do the cuckoo clocks of the past.